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Long Line

A group of college buddies (Tyler, Sean, Simon, Jeremy) moved to San Francisco from Boston with startup hopes and dreams. As they arrive in the glamorous city, they had one idea, to do it big in Silicon Valley, although they are merely living in an ex-girlfriend's (Becca) two-bedroom apartment in the mission district. They have a business app idea and little to no network to tap into. We follow them as they try to get their idea funded. The guys come from lower middle class families with a lot of college debt, they are currently broke, like broke, broke, like super broke.


The group of guys also all have a cocaine habit, some worse than others. Becca, whom they've been living with has a good cocaine supplier (Runner). She suggests they speak to the cocaine supplier about investing in an idea. The guys meet with this supplier, and he's a local, born and raised San Francisco native-from a notorious project housing in the city. They are impressed with his charisma and he is impressed with their ideas and talents. They hit it off, and Runner agrees to fund the company by tapping into his Boss' funds. Runner also shows them an idea of his own, that he’s been trying to get off the ground himself, he is an innovator too. The guys are great software app developers and impress Runner who then gets more funding from his boss (Moe).

As the plot unravels, the guys end up stealing runners idea and we find ourselves in the thick of a heated tech and street war....


Professional Young Woman


Female / 22-35 / White

Becca is a sharp, street smart social butterfly that works hard. She was raised in Boston with the boys and works in San Francisco, in sales. Becca lives by the motto, work hard, play hard. She is a party girl and never sloppy. Becca can wake up at 6am and stay up till 1 am, a real hustler and well-put together woman.



Male / 20 - 28 / White

Sean is timid and calm, he’s mostly a yes man but he is also a talented software developer. He is usually quiet around people he does not know but also has a strong opinion. Sean has a slight slur in his voice and people think it’s because he lacks confidence. When he is confident no one can tell him anything. 


Athletic Man


Male / 20 - 28 / ANY

Jeremy loves to work out to let off steam, he is always in basketball shorts and loves to express his competitiveness. He rarely uses his head but we will be quick to give you a pat on the back. 



Male / 20 - 30 / Black

Runner is Moe's street dealer, he is a real street hustler. Unlike most street hustlers, Runner is versatile and looks to shift his focus to tech and apps. 

Professional Young Woman


Male / 20 - 28 / White

Tyler is the most influential person in his group of friends. He has an addiction to cocaine and has a tendency of being an instigator. Tyler is smart but he can also be a hot head which is why he might also have issues with always seeking revenge. 

Guy Smiling


Male / 20 - 28 / White

Simon is a pessimist and is the devil's advocate of the group, he always sees things the others can’t. Simon thinks he knows it all but he also is aware that it is not true, often he speaks up and later realizes he might be wrong and does not share it right away. He tries hard to help but often finds himself causing issues, he is very aware of his energy and is not a yes man.



Male / 30 - 55 / Black

Moe is a level headed stand up guy. He has been around the block and is a black muslim. The whole neighborhood knows him, they appreciate him and his hustle. He only raises his voice if he gets pushed. Most resembles Gus Fring characters. 



Any / Any / Any

Extras will be needed though out the pilot. Build your name in acting.

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