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What's up! I'm OADAYDAY and,

I have close to a decade of experience in the realm of visual storytelling. 


My journey in photography and video has been driven by a passion to capture moments that resonate and tell a story. Specializing in thriving under challenging conditions, I have honed a keen eye for seizing the essence of each scene, ensuring that every frame speaks to inspire the artist and creative minds beyond.


My collaboration with artists has always been rooted in a deep understanding and respect for their vision, striving to deliver results that are timeless. Commitment to the industry extends beyond my work with venues and promoters, as I also manage local artists to ensure  get both sides of the industry keeping me aware of whats new and exciting.


My style is adaptive, flowing with the vibe of the environment, and focused on capturing those fleeting, yet impactful moments that define an event.


This portfolio is a testament to my journey, showcasing a blend of technique, creativity, and the ability to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.