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(2200 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco, CA)

Long Line

A group of college buddies (Tyler, Sean, Simon, Jeremy) moved to San Francisco from Boston with startup hopes and dreams. As they arrive in the glamorous city, they had one idea, to do it big in Silicon Valley, although they are merely living in an ex-girlfriend's (Becca) two-bedroom apartment in the mission district. They have a business app idea and little to no network to tap into. We follow them as they try to get their idea funded. The guys come from lower middle class families with a lot of college debt, they are currently broke, like broke, broke, like super broke.


The group of guys also all have a cocaine habit, some worse than others. Becca, whom they've been living with has a good cocaine supplier (Sway aka Runner). She suggests they speak to the cocaine supplier about investing in an idea. The guys meet with this supplier, and he's a local, born and raised San Francisco native-from a notorious project housing in the city. They are impressed with his charisma and he is impressed with their ideas and talents. They hit it off, and Sway agrees that this is something he needs to bring to Moe's (the Boss) attention. Moe is a hustler and has a great App idea, one that's trying to get into the tech business to wash his money and eventually move away from the dope game. Sway is just the young lieutenant that can move around the white crowd as well his normal hood environment. And he's the only young homie Moe trusts.

A lot of great things are happening for the buddies and the coke supplier/investor is excited as well. They go into their first round of funding with a VC company and the figures are in the 10-digit number of their first funding using Moe's idea. This excites Moe, because he feels will get his money back, so he assumes. But this is when the plot twists.


The boys neglect Moe and do not pay him back his money. They do not know about this gangster side. A lot of bad things begin to happen for the Buddies, unexpected things. The buddies have no way or any idea of how to combat these newfound tribulations. People are dying, friends get kidnapped their whole lives get turned upside down because they decided to burn a gangster.


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